nexti:Sales functions

Our mobile order entry solution for your sales representative in the field. From map-based visit planning to the application areas of your products to order processing – the app for your sales department.

Mobile order and quotation entry

Digitise your order processing. From the capture at the customer's site to the offer and the conclusion with digital signature.

You can adjust the delivery date, quantity or prices directly on the iPad or transfer all items from an existing document to a new order.
With one tap, documents are e-mailed as PDFs.

Route planning for visit appointments

Drive fewer miles, visit more customers, reduce planning effort – start your workday relaxed!

Directly on your iPad, the planned route is displayed with the distance kilometres. This way you can immediately see which customer is nearby and when they were last visited. It couldn't be simpler.

Product catalogue

Take full advantage of your iPad's capabilities: Instead of a long search in the catalogue, always show your customer your products only from the chocolate side. Pictures, manuals, data sheets, films, presentations – you have your filing cabinet in your pocket, so to speak.

This comprehensive product information immediately answers all of your customer's questions.

Product view nexti App

Detailed product view

It is possible to add a detailed description to each item directly on the iPad. In addition, any number of images and documents can be added and displayed. Different article views are available depending on your needs.

Product prices and scale prices are supported according to the quantity of the ordered item.

Barcode capture with Bluetooth scanner

Articles can be recorded directly with barcodes via a connected Bluetooth barcode scanner. Both EAN and article number can be scanned.

The order is ready for shipment.

barcode scanner nexti App

Shopping cart nexti App

Shopping cart

In the shopping cart, you can see at a glance which items the customer has selected and which conditions have been assigned.
Here all articles, prices and quantity can be edited again.

Customer Management

Get a comprehensive overview of your customers and bring order to your records.
Write a short note right after the customer visit. You can also use Siri voice recognition for this purpose. This is done in seconds and saves you a lot of post-processing time. This gives you access to all the customer data you need to drive your sales forward, anytime, anywhere.

Customer mask nexti App

Reports and dashboards

What articles do you have? How often sold and at what price? How have your sales been in the last few months? With which customers do you make the highest sales?

Our dashboards provide an overview of your business operations. With just a few taps, you can get detailed reports and generate customer statistics.

Customer cockpit

For a selected customer, all relevant information is displayed in summary form in the cockpit:

  • – Dashboards/Statistics
  • – Sales trends per product group with drilldown to the product
  • – Activities for this customer (notes/tasks)
  • – Documents of the customer (offers, orders, invoices, etc.)
  • – Further evaluations are possible

Customer cockpit nexti App

Task manager nexti App

Task Manager

A busy schedule? With the nexti App task manager you keep the overview.

These tasks can be recreated, edited, commented on and completed on the iPad. Each task can be individually assigned to a lead or a customer.

Offline operation

Use the full functionality of the order management app with seamless switching between offline and online operation and automatic data reconciliation.

Our app works 100% without network. All data is stored on the iPad and is updated in the background.

offline operation nexti App

Search function nexti App

Smart search

Making smart use of digitisation:

  • – Classic free text search or by item number
  • – Feature based article search
  • – Multiple filter options in different combinations
  • – Individual filters
  • – And much more

Order from PDF catalogue

Give your customers a shopping experience: With a product or campaign PDF, your items will be presented in an even higher quality!

It is possible to display a multi-page PDF on iPad and take orders matching the PDF at the same time.

Voucher processing

Build long-term customer loyalty with vouchers.

Value vouchers can be deposited for the store. When redeeming, the vouchers are scanned from the shopping cart via the iPad's camera and charged immediately. The iPad checks them for validity and reports usage back to the ERP.


Article replenishment has never been easier.

Scan items and quantities on the spot at the shelf. You can use the iPad's camera or an external scanner for this purpose.
Decide based on consumptions and replenish stocks.