Mobile order entry
for sales representatives

Quick and easy: Download the app from the App Store*, prepare the data via Excel and off you go. Use the nexti:Solo App to go to the customer appointment optimally prepared and save yourself the reworking of your orders.

* The app is only available for purchase via the App Store.

Nexti order advantages for you:

  • Simple Excel import of your customer data
  • Simple Excel import of articles and prices
  • Product catalogue and article database digitised
  • Barcode scanner integration possible
  • Creation and dispatch of complete orders with minimum effort
  • Graduated prices
  • Offline operation
  • Complete customer database with integrated route option
  • Better support through targeted customer advice: Statistical evaluations, sales development, etc.

Data flow representation

Format for import/export
There are the following possibilities of data exchange with an external system:

No support for multiple users

Data volume
The application has been optimised and tested to perform on even the slowest iPad 2 with 100,000 customer master records. The database size on the iPhone/iPad is typically <500MB even for very large databases. For comparison: The smallest iPad has 32GB of storage capacity. That's 64 times as much! Only very extensive product catalogues, movies and data sheets can fill the device's memory. You can estimate this need yourself based on your own data. Typically, this is <1GB of data.

Supported devices
Check the table below to see if your device is compatible with next:Sales.
Minimum requirement from end Q4 2021
iOS 12
Minimum requirement from Q4 2022
iOS 14
from iPhone 5s (year of release: 2013)
from iPhone 6s (year of release: 2015)
iPad Air
from iPad Air 1 (year of release: 2013)
iPad Air
from iPad Air 2 (year of release: 2014)
iPad Mini
as of iPad Mini 2 (year of release: 2014)
iPad Mini
as of iPad Mini 4 (year of release: 2015)
iPad Pro
all models (year of release: 2015)
iPad Pro
all models (year of release: 2015)