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from €9.99/month

Perfect for sales representatives
  • License for 1 user (excl. VAT)
  • No additional costs


Price on request

For companies with field service
  • Test 4 weeks free of charge and without obligation
  • Ready connection to enterprise resource planning

Nexti product overview

nexti App Solo nexti Enterprise
Target group Sales representatives Company with field service
Connection to enterprise resource planning without full integration
Data import manually via Excel file automatically through interface
Server location   Inhouse in the company network
Addresses of a company 1 unlimited
Contact person of a company 1 unlimited
Interview notes x x
Tasks x x
Archive of orders entered on the iPad x x
Archive from merchandise management (offer/order/invoice/delivery)   x
Definable forms   x
Dashboard   x
Sales opportunities   x
Authorisation, sales territories   x
Route planning/visit planning   x
Sales statistics x x
O R D E R E N T R Y    
Item description with pictures x x
Transaction types Order Order, offer, invoice
Price lists 1 unlimited
Graduated prices 3 unlimited
Special customer prices   x
Discount lists   x
Variant article x
Stocks   x
Delivery splitting, pre-order   x
Order with signature and PDF x x
Order export PDF PDF, transfer merchandise management
S E R V I C E & M A I N T E N A N C E  
Order with signature and PDF   x
Service orders   x
Travel time recording   x
Working time recording   x
Expense tracking   x
freely definable forms   x
Documents and photos   x
I N T E R F A C E    
Data import/export XLS, XLSX CSV, SQL, XML, Rest, Text
Application is offline enabled x x
automatic backup   x
offline on iPad x x