Reference report

Sport Import GmbH/Mr. Mark Schröder

What made you decide to use mobile order entry software?
In the past, we always operated with “on-board means” of the IT department according to the principle: from behind through the chest into the eye to connect MDE devices to the enterprise resource planning. We exported, converted and imported captured data and did it manually. Cumbersome and unfortunately also error-prone.
That sounds almost like a bad commercial: “and then came Nexti”. But that's exactly how it was. Mobile order entry was perfectly variable. All of our needs were easily mapped. Our IT guys loved it, and the crew out in the field now loves using their iPads with scanners. The software is not only convenient but also brings additional benefits to every sales employee: Store and catalogue views in the info area make selling easier, and the customer monitoring tool in the dashboard is worth every penny.

What were the decision criteria for you in selecting the solution?
The most important thing from our specifications: order entry must be fast and maximally simple. It should work “offline” as well as “online”. Then the synchronisation of the scanned data with the ERP system should be as simple, economical and error-free as possible, using a synchronisation server that must be located here in our company for security and service reasons. With the experience we have now had, we award a straight “A” to Nexti Software – and we are rather harsh judges.

What challenges did you face during the transition/introduction?
The challenges, usually always the unexpected problem, are common in software projects. No question about it. What is relevant, however, is how we arrived at solutions. First of all, there is the excellent documentation, which made it clear in advance: this is what we can work with and implement our ideas. Really rarely good. When our programmers encountered difficulties with XML files and Javascript, sound assistance came from Nexti Support. Fast, qualified and non-bureaucratic. Here, too, we award the grade “A”.

What are the benefits of using it now?
The benefits of Nexti are evident to us on three playing fields: Speed, information and motivation. Our sales force manages an average of 0.5 more customer visits per day, i.e. 2-3 customer visits per week. We attribute this to faster data collection on site and effective automated data exchange with our merchandise management system. The quality of the work with the customer increases, as our employee on site can call up and use all relevant product data and customer information on a daily basis. The positive influence on our colleagues' motivation is immediately confirmed by them, as virtually no product question remains unanswered and the retrievable information on all customer data also leaves the most professional impression one could wish for. And the retailer is also super satisfied because he gets his order delivered promptly, usually within 24 hours.
Win-Win for all!

Your conclusion?
Super Software. We are thrilled. We have implemented what we wanted. And more… everyone involved feels less overworked, works more effectively and is more motivated. Perfect. This was the best decision in recent months.